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Creating a Ticket

Logging in

Creating a ticket requires a user account so proceed to login or register if you do not yet have an account.

1. Email: E-mail address used during registration.

2. Password: Password associated with your account.

3. If credentials are correct login can proceed into the system.

4. Register a new account.


Register a new user account to create tickets.

1. User Name: Full name of the person trying to register.

2. Email Address: Email address to be used for registration.

3. Sign up: Create account and sends registration email to the entered email address prompting the user to set a password to complete the registration process.

Create a Ticket

Once logged in the user is sent to the ticket creation screen.

1. Ticket Information section

2. Submit the Ticket if all required information has been entered

3. Cancel ticket creation

4. Account functions (Logout and Profile)

Successful Ticket Submission

Upon successful ticket submission, you are greeted with a message of a successful ticket submission.

1. View all submitted tickets

2. Report another issue by creating a new ticket

View Tickets

View all associated tickets with your user account.

1. Filters tickets on the status of the ticket

2. List of all tickets based on the applied filter if any.

3. Create a new ticket.

Closed Ticket

When tickets are closed an email notification will be sent to the customer.

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